Load does not work for dynamical relationships?

Imagine you have the following two relations:

 * Relation working/holiday/.. hours
 * @return [type] [description]
public function relatedHours($type = null)
  $type = $type ?? $this->type;
  return $this->hours()->where('type', '=', $type);

 public function workingHours()
  return $this->relatedHours(Type::WORK);

Only a fool would belive that the following method would load the same relations for ' workingHours' and 'relatedHours' :

public function loadHours()
     $this->type = Type::WORK;

Infact, when we use the load method on a relation, then $this is just an instance of the class without attributes. Same seems to be the case for eager loading (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35438254/laravel-dynamic-relationships-access-model-attributes-on-eager-load).

In other words, relatedHours will be an empty collection or null (depends if it is hasMany or hasOne), while workingHours will link to the relation (if there exists any).

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